Classification of osteopathy


Manual technological development of the osteopathy, when affecting all the tissues, has led to the classification of techniques in several groups depending on which tissues act. So, we talked about:

Structural Osteopathy

  • directed to the musculoskeletal system, where we apply several techniques adapted to each dysfunction, every tissue, every patient, occurring during the treatment session, a steady and continuous analysis by the Osteopath deciding on which technique to apply

Visceral Osteopathy

  • designed to act upon the tissues involved in the functions of the viscera, in relation with fibrous membranes, muscles, sliding planes between different organs, blood vessels, nerves, all tissues which ensure the organic operation must be free in its anatomical passageway, which is not always the case and it may be due to adhesions, myofascial contractions hampering the normal mobility of the viscera. Manual techniques help to release visceral interruptions in the flow of motion, giving the body a functional basis more useful, productive and healthy

Cranial Osteopathy & Craniosacral Therapy

  • that also act by manual therapy, release and facilitate the micro-mobility of the skull and the entire craniosacral relationship through meningeal membranes and the role of cerebrospinal fluid. Some consequences of postural abnormalities, trauma, muscle imbalances etc, may affect to the cranial nerves, arteries, glands and other tissues, as it passes through cranial or holes inside it, which can cause nerve pain, impaired vision, hearing, alterations of some glandular functions, dizziness, migraines, and even through the autonomic nervous system, digestive, respiratory, vascular etc.
What is Osteopathy?

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