E- Learning system



Students can watch videos of the techniques studied by them in person, by means of seminars and courses.

Over 1000 videos, which facilitate the study and development of practical content. They will also find a course about how to act in emergency situations through short videos showing the different maneuvers in these situations.

Virtual Campus

Students will find contents concerning the course they are studying and also all previous content. These materials complement the training that students receive in class: non-contact contents about medical pathology and self-assessment test tools, online course in radiology with radiological images and interactive games on anatomy and radiological pathology. Through the campus, students can contact a tutor for all types of questions related to these materials and assessment tests.

We provide you with all kinds of materials found in the online campus and sample content to facilitate your studies, and also some examples of didactic presentations that serve as educational support in teaching lessons.

Examples of audiovisual material