Our History

Our History

When a company’s focus is in the field of ​​education, specifically the health professional, that company must be driven by a mission to deliver knowledge, methodology and tools to the student,  in order to promote the patient’s recovery, well-being and health.

In 1989 it was with this mission in mind that the International EOM (School of Osteopathy of Madrid) began its activities in Spain.

It was thanks to Dr. Ginés Almazán, who proposed Dr. François Ricard and Mr. Jean Luc Salle, that a School of Osteopathy was founded in Spain. Today we have 75 locations around the world.

Dr. Ginés Almazán Campos

Director General EOM Internacional

Dr. François Ricard

Director General de Estudios EOM

1st Headquarters in Brazil

The School opens in Rio de Janeiro in 1994 with vocational training in Osteopathy.

The mission of the EOM Brazil is to offer the physiotherapist a professional experience in Osteopathy, with the best teaching and technical resources, whilst providing at all times excellence, safety and efficacy in their clinical practice.

This project, led by Rogerio Queiroz, currently has 19 offices throughout the country.

D. Rogeiro Queiroz

Director General de EOM Brasil

1st Headquarters in Argentina

The School of Osteopathy of Madrid sets up its first classes in Vocational Training in Osteopathy in Argentina, creating the EOBA, in Buenos Aires. In 2011, it expands its academic initiative in Argentina through EOM Internacional. In 2013, Ms. María Rodríguez Isarn assumes the leadship of this initiative.

Today, EOM Argentina has 5 locations around the country:

  • Buenos Aires, Headquarters
  • Córdoba, City of Córdoba
  • Santa Fe, Rosario
  • Mendoza, City of Mendoza
  • Tucumán, San Miguel de Tucumán

Dña. Maria Isarn

Directora General de EOM Argentina

1st Headquarters in Italy

The activity of EOM Italy began in 1998 in Milan, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Rehabilitation Therapists of Lombardy (AITR, which now goes under the name of AIFI, Italian Association of Physiotherapists). The following year, the collaboration between the two companies is paused, while the EOM accepts a proposal to start a branch in Mozzecane (VR), in the area of Villa Vecelli Cavriani, with 42 members divided into three classes and decides to offer training for a group of new members from 2005 onwards.

D. Andrea Turrina

Director General de EOM Italia

In the summer of 2011, EOM Italia srl was born, the only franchise of the EOM in Italy.

The role of the Sole Administrator is undertaken by Dott. Andrea Turrina, with the support of a solid network of internal and external collaborators who support the central structure of the operation. In fact, together with the Teaching Center there are several cohesive centers that can be integrated and thus further increase the core value of the company. In addition to the Secretariat and the Central Administrative Office, EOM Italy has the presence of a Research Department, created with the aim of helping young people in the preparation and writing of scientific research that could aspire to publication in high-indexed journals. EOM Italy boasts a Department of Communication and Marketing, dedicated to the transmission of the Vision and Mission of EOM Italy through ongoing events and initiatives involving both our students and others.

EOM Italy has five offices based on Italian soil: in 2012 it opened headquarters in Vado Ligure (SV); in 2013 EOM Italia arrived in the Italian capital, Rome; and finally, in 2014, the offices of Udine and Turin were established.

1st Headquarters in Portugal

EOM starts up in Portugal in 1998. It opens in Porto and later in Lisbon. In recent years, under the direction of Bruno Ribeiro, the EOM has a presence in 5 Portuguese cities.

D. Bruno Ribeiro

Director General de EOM Portugal

1.ª sede en México

With Nayeli Ramírez, director of EOM in Mexico, the School provides training in 3 cities: Mexico City, Queretaro and Guadalajara

Uruguay, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Perú y Colombia

Dra. Nayeli Ramírez

Directora General de EOM México

Israel, Hong Kong, Russia and Canada

Between 2015 and 2019 new venues are opened in the cities of Tel Aviv (Israel), Hong Kong, St. Petersburg (Russia) and Calgary (Canada). The challenge for the EOM in these years has been to convert the contents of the Castilian program to English with the goal of adapting to the characteristics of these countries and the cultural, educational and professional development of their students.