Clinical Practice

The Madrid Clinical-School of Osteopathy provides a supervised osteopathic clinical service that combines the professional experience of established EOM teachers with the enthusiasm and dedication of students who are enrolled in Osteopathy courses.

A program of supervised practical examinations in Osteopathy is offered to students in their last year of studies at the Madrid School of Osteopathy, no matter where they have undertaken the course.

They can be completed at any central office clinic, either national or international.

Instructional and teaching objectives to:

  • Improve clinical

  • Improve the outcomes of osteopathic treatment.

  • Improve osteopathic knowledge.

  • Evaluate students’ worksheets in order to guide their osteopathic clinical reasoning.


  • Supervise osteopath teachers of the EOM when they are guiding examinations and treatments.


Clinical discussions will involve:

  • Presenting seminars and scientific articles produced by students

  • Reviewing the theoretical and practical curriculum of the school.

  • Discussing clinical cases of patients treated in the clinic.

  • In the osteopathy clinic, students are instructed and demonstrations are given in Osteopathy, osteopathic clinical reasoning and osteopathic techniques.