Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid – EOM


The EOM within the SCImago Ranking of Institutions (SIR)

The EOM within the SCImago Ranking of Institutions (SIR)

30 January, 2018 en

The School of Osteopathy of Madrid (EOM) is once again part of the SCImago classification. Its inclusion in this ranking is of enormous importance as it is an institution exclusively dedicated to the world of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, representing a milestone for these disciplines at the Euro-American level. It has acquired a presence in this prestigious classification of Ibero-American institutions thanks to its academic value and scientific contribution during the five-year period 2011-2015, the period analyzed in its most recent report (SIR 2017).

The SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) is responsible for evaluating the quality of journals with scientific content reviewed by peers. Our European Journal Osteopathy & Clinical Related Research -called Osteopatía Científica until 2010-, is classified at Q2 -second degree of influence in publications of its category- in the SJR in 2009.

The SCImago classification is governed by three groups of indicators that combine different variables within the action of each institution: its contribution to research, its innovative action and its impact on society. Accordingly, this edition is made up of 1,607 Ibero-American institutions.

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